Books to Die For

The Excorcist by Peter Blatty has to rank as the all time scariest thriller of all time (in this author's opinion). It gave nightmares to an entire generation of novel readers and movie goers.

Ten Favorite Thrillers of All Time

There are numerous novels on the category of horror or thriller out there. But only a few that really goes down to the most-loved and well-read over the years. Here are  few thriller/horror novels that  that are also bestsellers of their time. These are surely also the favorite novel of millions of readers in the world. These novels placed their respective authors in the map. These are my top ten … [Read More...]

Conflict of Interest by Alex Miller is an engaging, complex, and rewarding read in the crime mystery thriller genre.

Review: Conflict of Interest

By Laura Berang Crime Novel Review: Mystery Thriller One of the best mystery thriller Novels I've read in quite some time is the current release bestseller Conflict Of Interest by Adam Mitzner. Totally engaging with fabulously complex characters and intensity. This mystery thriller will have you glued to its pages and anxiously waiting for the new developments. Alex Miller, the leading … [Read More...]

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Killer Writing Techniques

Eye of fear

Building Suspense in Your Mystery

Trouble, Ticking Clocks, Points of No Return and a Little Murder Whether it is a 1500 word short story or a 60,000 word novel, a mystery is nothing without suspense.  Suspense is the element that keeps your reader turning the pages long past the time he swore he'd turn the bedside lamp out and go to bed.   Without suspense, your mystery will fall flat and your reader will look elsewhere for … [Read More...]

Above: David Copperfield and Uriah Heep. Uriah Heep, famous for his phrase "umble" is a famous example of a secondary character of depth done well. From a 1924 color lithograph.

Adding depth to the secondary character

What separates good fiction from exceptional fiction is often the way the reader feels about the characters. It is not enough for the main character to have depth. The reader must feel that they connect with the other characters as well. No matter how good the narrative or story-telling is, if the readers do not connect with the characters, then they won't connect with the story. Of course, not … [Read More...]

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Police and Investigative Tips

Criminologist investigates a crime scene outdoor

Researching Crime Scene Forensics for Your Novel

The mystery seems impenetrable. The cadaver is unidentifiable, burned, dismembered, or maybe liquefied in a ceramic bathtub. The apartment is one of dozens in the vermin-infested building. Blood-shot eyes quiver in door cracks, chains and bolts rattle into place as the police approach. No one is speaking. Then there is a break in the case, as the detective lifts the veil of traditional police … [Read More...]

Deadly-Prose-zine-0Cop comic mean large

How to Make Your Cop Come to Life

Have you ever finished penning a compelling murder mystery, complete with drama, suspense and more twists than an Escherian labyrinth, only to find it populated by faceless archetypes? The problem is common for writers of genre fiction, and is usually the result of shallow research. Cops especially seem to become by default either chain-smoking lantern-jaws or MacGuffins in uniforms.  To help your … [Read More...]

More Investigative Methods for Writers

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